Client Information Form


    Key Agreement

    *At your first meet & greet session, please provide your dog walker with TWO sets of keys. One set will be for the walker and the second set will be kept safely at our office as a backup. For example, if the walker gets into an emergency situation and/or a schedule change and can not make it, another walker who is available will go and see your dog(s) instead. We will keep one set of keys on file at Soft Paws unless you request otherwise.

    I furthermore agree to and understand the following:

    >Soft Paws does not make backup keys (unless requested in writing).
    >Soft Paws has permission to provide client’s keys to the walker that will be providing client with services as well as back-ups.
    >If client supplies only one key, Soft Paws cannot respond to emergency situations in a timely manner. Client understands the risk that their pet may not be cared for as scheduled.


    Soft Paws Client Agreement

    >Client agreed to pay for all services within Net 30 of invoice date. Payment shall be made by Cash, PayPal, Check made out to “Soft Paws, LLC", or other accepted methods. Client agrees to pay a $45 service fee for any returned checks.

    >I understand that Soft Paws is not an emergency or on-call service. Service will not be provided unless client has spoken directly to Soft Paws and reservations have been accepted. Soft Paws requests at least 48 hours notices prior to Client’s departure. We do do our best to accommodate last minute requests.

    >I agree that Soft Paws has no responsibility for any events that occur while someone else is in client’s home during the duration of Soft Paws or for any damage to or loss of property from unauthorized entry.

    >We do not provide medications to your pets.

    >Client expressly waives and relinquishes any and all claims for liability, including for loss, injury, or death to Client’s pet(s), except those arising from gross negligence or willful misconduct on the part of Soft Paws.

    >I release and waive Soft Paws liability for any property damage caused by Client’s pet(s) during the Services and at any time thereafter.

    >I acknowledge that Soft Paws shall not be liable for any acts of God, such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms. Fire, or the death of the pet(s) due to natural causes. In the event of an emergency, Soft Paws will attempt to contact the Client and/or designate emergency contact prior to resolving any such issues. Client agrees to reimburse Soft Paws for all repairs and related fees within 14 days.

    >When requesting home sitting services, Soft Paws is not responsible for wilted, dead or unhealthy plants. Client agrees to place all indoor plants together on a waterproof surface to prevent water damaged areas or missed plants.

    >I agree that these terms will remain in full force unless terminated by Soft Paws and shall apply to any and all new pets that Client may obtain after the date hereof and for any additional locations client may designate for the services.

    >In the event of personal emergency or illness of Soft Paws personnel, Client authorizes Soft Paws to arrange for another qualified person to fulfill responsibilities as set forth on this contract Client will be notified in such event.

    >The Client acknowledges that he/she has read this agreement in its entirety and fully understands and accepts its terms and conditions.



    Veterinary Release Agreement:

    >In the event that any of my pets appears to be ill, injured, or at significant risk of experiencing a medical problem at the start of or during the services, I give Soft Paws permission to seek veterinary service from a veterinarian or a veterinary clinic. My preferred veterinary services are listed on each Individual Pet Information Form. Other veterinarians or emergency care clinics chosen by the Soft Paws are acceptable.

    >I agree to reimburse Soft Paws for the payment and/or reimbursement for any and all veterinary services rendered, including but not limited to diagnosis, treatment, grooming, medical supplies, and boarding, as well as any related costs and a $40.00 per hour charge for Soft Paws for the transportation and care of the pet during any veterinary services. Any costs incurred hereunder must be paid by Client within 30 days of the initial incident.

    >I authorize Soft Paws, in the event I am unavailable, to approve any medical and/or emergency treatment as recommended by a veterinarian.

    >I ask Soft Paws to inform the attending clinic or veterinarian of my requested total diagnosis and treatment limit of $___________________ per pet / all pets (most common values are $200, $1000, or unlimited). I understand that efforts will be made to contact me regarding any treatments, illness, injury, or potential problems as soon as the condition is deemed not life threatening and/or contact is possible. I understand that Soft Paws works hard to prevent any accidents and injuries, and that such problems may occur no matter how well a pet is cared for. I acknowledge that Soft Paws uses its best judgement in handling these situations, and I understand that Soft Paws assumes no responsibility for the actions and decisions of the veterinary staff, the health, or death of my pet(s).

    > I further authorize Soft Paws and my primary veterinarian to share any medical records of all of my animals with veterinary clinics or veterinarians in an emergency in the interest of providing the best care possible for my ill or injured pet(s).

    >I agree to notify Soft Paws of any signs of injury or possible illness before any service as soon as the condition appears. Soft Paws reserves the right to cancel service at any location where a pet with a potentially infectious condition exists.

    >In signing/initialling this contract, I represent and warrant that I have the sole authority to make all health, medical, and financial decisions regarding the animals cared for by the services.


    *You will be emailed a copy of this.