Owner: Anna

Number: 818 518 7461


Address: 70 Charlton Street #9E NY 10014

Time: 10:30 and 2:30 set times

Key: doorman



Review: Yelp

Client since: 9/23/2019

Found us: Yelp

Family page: Yes

Walker: Janani

Special notes: For first walk: (a) take off bark collar and place on counter, (b) take off his diaper and place on counter, and (c) harness and put on his regular collar with dog tags (Make sure you put on his regular collar before the walk, in case he somehow gets loose – owner request!) 

*End of first walk: (a) put diaper back on make sure you leave about two inches of white showing on the velcro, that is keep it loose! (b) Leave on regular collar with dog tags, (c) make sure leash is on counter or Albert will chew it up*For second walk: (a) take of diaper and go for walk.